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Pure nature

Let yourself be fascinated by the diversity of nature. Lush meadows, dreamy places, colourful forests and a magnificent visibility in the autumn months.

The region offers hikers tours of various levels of difficulty, pleasant places for a rest and a manifold recreational programme.

Our hiking proposals


Tour description

After about 200 m you turn left onto a path which leads you directly uphill to the viewing platform.

Take a rest to enjoy the view of the Ruhr valley and the surrounding mountains. Then you follow the path along the ridge. At the upcoming crossroads, you keep walking straight, and then you turn right at the next junction. The path now leads downhill and follows, after a short while, a right hand bend. Follow the path until you reach a street which, turning right, leads you back to Föckinghausen and the parking-lot from where you started. The hike takes approx. 60 minutes.



"Gepke" valley circuit

Refreshing moments at the "Gepke" stream.

• Length: approx. 10.1 km
• Duration: approx. 3 hours
• Difficulty: medium
• Ascents/descents: 268 m


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Tour description

You continue on "A7" into the valley of the "Gepke". The path takes you slightly uphill through the valley of the Gepke until you arrive at a junction with hiking-path "XR". Here you will find a bench on the right-hand side which is a wonderful place in summer, also to refresh your feet in the chilly water of the Gepke stream. On the left-hand side a small bridge is leading across the Gepke, but please do NOT walk into this direction!

We turn right onto "XR" and after some metres turn again, slightly leftwards onto "A1". This path leads uphill - at first through open fields, later through dense high forest. Several benches afford an opportunity to rest. The path winds further uphill. Don‘t worry, you will soon have made it!

Arrived at the top the forest opens up. Turning right you reach "A3". You can now already discover Hotel Waldhaus Föckinghausen in the near distance. Follow "A3" until you reach our small holiday-home. Turn left again and you are back already!


Tour description

You pass the "Nuttlarer Höhe" (542 m above sea-level), until you reach the parking "Hirschbruch". You cross the street and continue on path "X1" through the wide forest areas of the Antfeld Forest.


Soon you reach the village of Esshoff, pass a parking site for hikers and continue straight ahead. When entering the village, you turn left once and continue walking on "X1" across the village. Then you go on through meadows ("X1"), until you reach the "Altenbührener Mühle" (mill of Altenbühren) (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). The inn affords itself for a meal.

After this break you walk back on "X1" until you arrive at Esshoff. You take the main street across the village. Behind the village and already back in the forest, you turn slightly leftwards onto "A1" in the direction of Grimmlinghausen. The Lourdes-grotto in the village centre can be the place for another short rest.

From Grimmlinghausen you follow path "A9/A8", until you reach the main street. Opposite "Baumschule Meschede" (a nursery garden) you follow the street for a short bit, before you turn right onto "XR/N5" which takes you back to Waldhaus Föckinghausen.

Game park circuit

Varied day-hike.

• Length: approx. 21.4 km
• Duration: approx. 7 hours
• Difficulty: day hike
• Ascents/decents: 457 m


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Tour description

Alternatively we can take a detour to the Bilstein-cave and the "Wildpark" (game park), by walking straight ahead at the signpost instead of turning right. After this short detour, we come back to this point and then, of course, turn left (instead of right) onto the path through the meadows.

After a while the lush path reaches an asphalt road, where we also find a bench. At this point we turn right (signs "A4" and triangle-symbol), soon reach a gate and a cabin named "Haus Rosenegge" – a good spot for a break. With the gate behind us, the further path leads us on the left-hand side into a beech forest (please pay attention to the symbols "O" and "W"!), and down to the bed of a stream, and then progresses further downhill. At the end we encounter a gravel road, which we follow towards our left. We reach a red barrier (symbols "O" and "W"), behind which we turn right. After a few steps we reach an asphalt road, which we follow to the right, soon reaching the "B55" ("Mescheder Landstraße"). We cross the road and follow the street "Im Waldpark" in the direction of the Warstein brewery. At a diversion with a signpost we turn right and then go uphill for a short way on a gravel road. Before we reach the top, the paths marked with a "W" and a diamond-symbol branch off to the right. This spot can be easily missed, thus search out for the slightly hidden diamond-symbol (on the right-hand side on a tree trunk)! The path continues through birch forest and is not easy to spot. After some time, it splits up, here we keep rightwards - looking ahead, we discover the diamond-symbol on the tree trunks. Later on we also re-discover the symbol "W".

A few minutes later we reach a T-junction and turn left, following the symbols. We now walk straight ahead uphill, the high forest soon turns into a lower forest. At the top we follow the left turn of the path and soon after come upon a broad gravel path. We turn right (symbols "W" and diamond), still uphill. After a total walking-time of about 4 hours, we reach the nice picnic area „Paradies“ with a refuge, table, benches and a childrens' play item as well as nice views  – a good place for a well-deserved break. Well rested, we now tackle the last leg of our hike. The path leads downhill and then makes a left bend. Here, we leave our path and go straight ahead through grass to the stream, which we cross on a wooden bridge (symbol "W"). Opposite the bridge we hike uphill on "W" into the forest. Soon the lush path encounters a gravel path, which we follow ahead. Then we reach a junction with a signpost. We do NOT walk in the direction of "Föckinghausen", but continue straight ahead uphill on the diamond-marked path. Also the biking signpost "Meschede / Eversberg" points in our direction. At "Reinhold Mertes Eiche" we discover another refuge alongside our hiking-path. We continue walking straight ahead, until we reach – after a total working-time of about 4.5 hours – the junction "Markes Kreuz" which we already know from the beginning of our hike. On "X1" and "A8" we hike back on the familiar route. From the junction "Ausspann" we continue leftwards on "X1/ X14/diamond-symbol" to "Gemeinheitskopf", where we turn right ("X14"). The Waldhaus is only 2.3 km away. Emerging from the high forest we can one more time enjoy the wide view.

This tour suits only experienced hikers, but it is very nice. En route it is also possible to prolong the hike by walking to the Warstein brewery and stopping for a snack in its visitor centre.


Tour description

At a junction we keep leftwards, continuing on"B". Soon, we walk downhill on an overgrown path, the right-hand side drops away steeply. Below, we can see Wehrstapel and Heinrichstal.

After a total walking time of about 35 minutes we reach a T-junction and turn left. Shortly after we see a signpost. Now, we turn left onto a broad forest road and walk on "V9" in the direction of Föckinghausen (2 km). At first the path leads slightly downhill, then climbs up for a short while and after this, leads along the edge of the forest, again offering a view of the surrounding hills. A further vally bottom follows.

Soon we reach another junction, which we already know from the beginning of our walk. Here we turn right. According to the signpost Föckinghausen will be reached after about 700 m. On the familiar path we keep diagonally left at the next junction and turn right in front of the holiday- home Waldhaus, to cover the last short leg towards the hotel.

One of the most diverting hikes around Föckinghausen with many nice viewpoints now lies behind us. Beautiful when the sun is shining!

"Lörmecke"-tower circuit

Varied hiking tour to a viewing tower and a half-timbered village.

• Length: approx. 13.8 km
• Duration: approx. 3.5 hours
• Difficulty: medium
• Ascents/Decents: 343 m


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Tour description

Opening hours:
March-November: Tue, Thu, Sat from 15.00-17.00 hours, Sun 11.00-12.00 hours;
December-February: Tue, Thu, Sat from 15.00-16.00 hours, Sun 11.00-12.00 hours.


Equally worth seeing is the historic parish church St. Johannes Evangelist, whose construction was started in the year 1242 and which was built in the romanic-gothic transition style.

The ruin of the burg of Eversberg (constructed from 1093 to 1124) is located on a mountain cone (455 m above sea-level) high above Eversberg. A small stone tower does still exist, which was restored to a look-out. The platform affords a far-reaching view into the "Land der 1000 Berge" ("country of the 1000 mountains").

Also the town-hall is worth seeing. It serves as a reminder that Eversberg was an independent town until 1975. The entrance is adorned with a boar head, the coat of arms of the city and a huge deer antler.

Possible stops for snacks:


Lindenhof, from 17.00 hours, closed on Wednesdays;


Dollen Hof, 12.00-14.00 hours and from 17.00 hours, closed on Tuesdays;


Bakery Hahne, 9.00-18.00 hours;


Inn Dröge, from 15.00 hours, closed on Mondays.


We now start our way back. Back at the inn "Dollen Hof", we take the opposite street and follow "XR" through the meadows of Eversberg, passing the model plane airfield and then reaching the Gepke. Behind the Gepke, you take the second path on the left side ("A1") back to Föckinghausen.


Tour description

The narrow path now follows the course of the Gepke stream. After a short while we encounter a broader hiking path, which we follow rightwards down the hill, accompanied by the Gepke stream. Where the stream changes from our left to our right, crossing underneath the hiking path, another diversion comes up, which we follow in a slightly left, downwards direction. Further downhill, we see a cabin in the forest and pass some fish ponds and meadows. The landscape opens up, and soon we reach the lowest point of our walk.


At the crossing, we take a left turn ("W" and "B7") and, after a few steps, we again turn leftwards ("A1"). The path follows a meadow slightly uphill into the forest. At a diversion, we continue rightwards on "A1". We walk steadily uphill through the forest, time and time again a wayside bench invites us to catch our breath. After about 25 minutes we have reached the top and encounter the path already known to us from the start of our hike. We continue rightwards and walk back to the holiday home, where we take a left turn towards the hotel.


After this diversified walk up the hill and down the valley, we certainly deserve a cold drink!

"Stimm Stamm" circuit

Up and down through the wide forests of the "Arnsberger Wald" (Arnsberg Forest).


• Length: approx. 16.5 km
• Duration: 4.5 hours
• Difficulty: demanding
• Ascents/decents: 440 m


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Tour description

After a longer stretch of way we once again reach a signpost. Here, "X1/A8" branches off to the left. We now follow it slowly into the valley. After some time we emerge from the forest and, next to a pond, we come to a crossing. We remain above the pond and follow "A8" into the direction of "Buchplette". On the parking for hikers "Buchplette" several paths cross. Here, you have the possibility to make a detour into the village of Eversberg.

Without the detour, we continue straight ahead across the junction on path "A5/A6" and the forest route ("Waldroute"). We walk across open landscape and have a partial view of Eversberg. We continue following hiking-sign "A6", the path takes a slight right hand bend and slowly leads downhill. At a crossing there is a small house which belongs to the model plane airfield, which we have now reached. Here we meet hiking path "XR" (asphalt road) and take a left turn.

We follow the asphalt road "XR". At the next crossing we turn slightly right on the field path, still "XR". We reach the Gepke-stream, crossing the small bridge, and continue walking straight ahead, after some more metres again slightly leftwards onto "A1". This path first leads uphill through open field, and later through a rather dense high forest. Here several benches invite for a rest. The path winds itself upwards. Don‘t worry, soon you will have made it!

On top, the forest opens up. On the right, you meet "A3". Soon you will discover Hotel Waldhaus Föckinghausen in the near distance. Follow "A3" until you reach our small holiday-home. Here you turn once more to the left and then you are already back.


Tour description

Here, "A3" takes a right turn. However, we remain on our path leading straight ahead, which from now on is not marked any more. After some time the path makes a bend. After the bend, there are again and again some nice views. You pass two hunting cabins.

Some meters after the second hunting cabin, there is deciduous forest. With some luck, you can find porcini here in autumn!

Now we reach again hiking path "A1/A3". We turn right and follow this path back to Föckinghausen and the Waldhaus.

Nice warm-up hike, possibly on your arrival day. It is not always necessary to hike many kilometres!

Brewery circuit

Experience the art of brewing of the Sauerland.

• Length: approx. 18.4 km
• Duration: approx. 6 hours
• Difficulty: day hike
• Ascents/decents: 485 m


» Download HIKING MAP as pdf


Tour description

From now on, we follow the "Waldroute". The path leads us downhill. We cross a stream down in the valley, the "Lange Bach", and then continue straight ahead and slightly uphill on the "Waldroute". We pass a nice rest area, the "Paradies". Here you should take a rest and enjoy the silence of the nature around you.

Shortly after the "Paradies", the "Waldroute" once again turns left from our path, but we remain on the path straight ahead, which now again carries the diamond-symbol. After a short stretch of way we meet a crosscut and already see from here the premises of the Warstein brewery. Here, we stick to the right and bypass the Warstein brewery on the eastern side in a large curve. After we have bypassed the brewery, we meet hiking-path "X14". You could now visit the visitors‘ centre of the brewery. Also tours within the brewery are possible, upon prior arrangement under phone no. 02902/885002, or you spontaneously try out your luck.

We now walk back, taking the "Waldroute". After a short while, "X14" crosses the "Waldroute". We keep on walking straight ahead and now follow hiking-path "X14". The path constantly leads slightly uphill. On the right-hand side we discover a refuge in a small clearing, in the middle of the forest. We continue walking until we meet "X1" at "Ausspann". Here, you can take a final rest in the shelter. We turn left onto hiking-path "X1" which we follow until we reach the "Gemeinheitskopf". Here we turn right and walk down into the valley on "X14/A3". One more time you can enjoy the great view over the wide forest areas of the nature park "Arnsberger Wald". Follow "X14/A3" until you reach Waldhaus Föckinghausen.


Tour description

After this the path slowly ascends. On the right border of the path you see a sign "Naturschutzgebiet" (nature protection area). Here you turn right onto a path, bypass a barrier and shortly after reach an asphalt path. Follow this path straight ahead. The Lörmecke flows on your right.

We continue on this path, traverse the Lörmecke for another time and reach the parking "Hohler Stein". From here we continue to the natural monument "Hohler Stein". Time for a short break - again at the "Lörmecke".

From here we continue on hiking path "A8" until we reach the village of Kallenhardt. You can have a drink or snack in Romantikhotel Knippschild.

We start with our way back, following hiking symbol "<" until we reach the "Nuttlarer Höhe". From there we hike on the "Plackweg" to the "Gemeinheitskopf". Here, turn leftwards onto "X14", which leads you back to Hotel Waldhaus.

Sauerland "Waldroute" (Forest Route)

Magically mystic.

• Total length of 160 km
• 110 km through the nature park "Arnsberger Wald" (Arnsberg Forest)



Tour description

About one hour’s walk from our hotel, the new Lörmecke-tower has been built. It is situated on the highest point of the "Arnsberger Wald" (580m mean sea level).


Enjoy a spectacular view across the altitudes of the Sauerland, the Haarstrang and the Westphalian bay up to the Teutonian Forest.

Long-distance and main hiking trails

The "Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein" (Sauerland mountain association) takes care of an extended net of hiking trails in diversified landscapes.

Waldhaus Föckinghausen is located at four of these main hiking trails. Whether you only cover a short distance on the main trail or hike for several days, we will be glad to be there for you.

You can obtain further information from the website of the "Sauerländischer Gerbirgsverein" or from the website of the Hennesee region tourism agency.

X 1 "Plackweg", approx. 139 km
X 14 "Astenweg", approx. 97 km
X 16 "Kaiser-Otto-Weg", approx. 86 km
X R "Ruhrhöhenweg", approx. 246 km

"Sauerländer Wandergasthöfe" (Sauerland hiking hotels)

  • family-run hotel or guesthouse with 10 to 50 rooms
  • DEHOGA-classified, with at least two stars Superior*
  • quiet solitary position or embedded in the typical village surroundings of the Sauerland
  • typical architecture of the region
  • ecologically-minded
  • connected to the local/regional hiking path network - walks around the house - tour offers for halfday- and dayhikes - guided hikes, opportunity to meet up with other hikers
  • comprehensive hiking-information
  • drying room for shoes and clothing, washing and ironing service
  • overnight stay with a large Sauerland-breakfast for early birds and late risers
  • lunch package service included or at a small additional charge
  • regional cuisine
  • small hiking shop with equipment for rental and sale
  • luggage transfer and reservation service for the following overnight stay

Hotel Waldhaus Föckinghausen
Antonius Knippschild e.K.
Föckinghausen 23
D-59909 Bestwig
T 02904-97760
T (from abroad) +49-2904-97760

Please note our opening hours:

Mon: closed

Tue: 14.00-18.00 hours
(only "coffee and cake")

: open from 11.00 hours (kitchen from 12.00-14.00 & 17.30-20.00 hours; small dishes and "coffee and cake" from 14.00-17.30 hours)

We advise to reserve a table.  

Our annual closing time:

23.06. to (incl.) 12.07.2022